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Posh-abilities: Life Skills for the Lifestyle of Success.

Anything is Poshable because the Poshabilities are Endless!



Since 2015, Poshabilities has been dedicated to helping change the trajectory of lives of kids and teens. Our pillars are People, Technology, the Arts and the Planet.

Poshabilities is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization with programs in Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and New Orleans, LA. We make positive changes in communities by helping to develop well-balanced, well-rounded, responsible individuals through our rich and dynamic educational and interactive program. 

We cultivate a positive, productive environment that promotes good decision-making skills to deter teen crime, mental health check-ups, innate skill development, leadership, self confidence, self discovery, sustainability, technology, the Arts and more. Participants are taught life skills needed to create the lifestyle to be successful in every area of life. Participants are also introduced to different environments through learning excursions to upscale Posh places and events, if they can see it, they can be it. Exposure is a vital part of breaking negative cycles.

In addition, participants explore business choices that match their natural talent, skills and abilities, we believe each person's "unique gift" makes undeniable room for them to be successful.

Our goal is to develop smart, confident individuals who make good choices concerning the environment and their lives, who grow into great leaders and become successful, productive members of society.


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The Poshabilities Are Endless



Atlanta mailing address

245 N. Highland Ave. #230-61

Atlanta, GA 30307

Dallas Mailing address

7522 Campbell Rd. #113-305

Dallas, TX 75248

New Orleans Mailing Address

3157 Gentilly Blvd. #6189

New Orleans, LA 70122

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