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Discover Your Poshabilities

Our Signature program "Discover Your Poshabilities" educates on, making positive decisions that steer your life in the right direction. Selecting the right friends, being a leader and not a follower. Life skills are taught that change the trajectory of participants lives. They are given clear and concise direction on living their best life.

We look for each participants unique gift and help educate them through interactive activities to develop and refine their talent. They are introduced to the "finer things in life" through Field Trips. These field trip are a vital part of this program and exposes them to the Poshabilities that life has to offer and inspires them to set goals. They come to understand that through good decision making anything is Poshable.

The Arts

Focuses on self-confidence, self-expression and social interaction.

This program trains in television, radio, production, media and fashion. It also includes sports-related classes such as cheerleading and baton twirling. These classes are all a part of this interactive, socially intuitive, self confidence building program.


Self Discovery

Participants discover who they are and learn to love their individual characteristics and things that make them unique.  They are taught important life-skills and social-skills. Each participant is given a personal inventory quiz. We address physical appearance, relationships, family dynamics, wardrobe, image, social awareness, customer service, speech, posture, walking analysis, facial manipulation, daily etiquette, interviewing skills, finances/money, giving back, overcoming platform jitters and more. 

Field Trips and Camp

Field trips are vital to our program. Participants are directly exposed to new environments and introduced to Posh people, places, events and things. These Field Trips teach what's attainable through hard work, focus, thoughts and discipline.


Boys and girls are paired with successful entrepreneurs in the community. They are given the opportunity to shadow them for a first-hand look at working in Corporate America. Business leaders also serve as guest speakers and conduct training on various  subjects.

Health and Wellness

Focuses on overall heath and well-being. Addresses mental, physical and emotional health. 

Participants learn balance, healthy eating, exercise and the importance of communicating inner- thoughts and feelings. 

We also present a healthy look at body image.

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Building strong families and communities, we assist adults in literacy and re-entering the workplace. We help with basics such as reading, writing and math. In addition, we focus on purpose, talent and passion to ensure proper placement in the workforce. We help identify natural abilities and skills. 

Pet Friendliness 

Animals are one of our passions. Animal kindness, pet-friendliness and responsibility is addressed. Participants are taught best practices and the responsibilities that go along with being a great pet owner.


Focuses on keeping communities clean, recycling, going green and healthy eating.

Participants also role-play in the interactive Puppet Show “The Littered Path” that focuses on being litter-free via "Keep South Fulton Beautiful", an affiliate of "Keep America Beautiful".