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Discover Your Poshabilities

Unlimited Poshabilities (UP). Our Signature program "Discover Your Poshabilities" focuses on discovering participants natural talents, skills and abilities to help attain a lifestyle of success. They learn entrepreneurship, financial literacy, social responsibility, dressing for success and more.

We look for each participants unique gift and through interactive activities and games, help develop and refine that talent.  

High School Student


Self Discovery

Self discovery is an important part of education. It involves learning to love yourself, understanding your unique strengths and weaknesses, developing social skills, and increasing self-awareness. Practicing self-care and setting boundaries are also important in developing a healthier sense of self. It is also beneficial to take time for mental health check-ups to ensure you are growing into a well-balanced individual.

Discover Poshabilities
Self Discovery

Leadership Development

Teen Crime Prevention

Teen Crime
Leadership Mindset

Leadership is an important part of any educational setting. Our goal is to instill strong leadership skills in our participants, preparing them to be successful in their future careers. We focus on developing the qualities of a strong leader, such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and collaboration. We also provide opportunities for participants to practice their newly acquired skills in real-world settings. Our commitment to fostering leadership in our participants is a priority for our educational program and will help our students succeed in their future endeavors.


Teen crime prevention starts with educating teens on making the right choices. Teaching teens the value of good decision-making and the importance of strong moral values can help them stay out of trouble. Encouraging teens to choose positive and supportive friends can also help keep them away from negative influences. Additionally, educating teens on the dangers of gangs and teaching them to stand up to bullies can help them avoid getting involved in criminal activities. With the right education and support, teens can make the right decisions and stay out of trouble.


Film, the Arts
& Technology

Film Tv Technology

Mentoring provides students with the opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs and gain invaluable insight into the world of entrepreneurship. It provides a platform for learning, ownership, and opportunity. Through mentoring, students are able to gain access to industry leaders and get advice and guidance in developing and growing their business ideas. Mentoring also helps students to better understand the opportunities available to them, and how to best take advantage of those opportunities. Ultimately, mentoring is a great way for students to get access to knowledge and advice that can help them on their path to success.

Comedian Performing

The Arts provide students with an excellent opportunity to build self esteem and self confidence. Through the use of technology, writing, plays, music, dance and Ai, students can gain an appreciation for the creative arts and the tech world. Producing their own show, field trips to new environments, and hands on experience with various art forms provide students with a unique way to express themselves. The Arts give students the chance to explore their creativity and learn in a fun and engaging way on how to positively use these skills. With Atlanta being the Hollywood of the South and Dallas and New Orleans, quickly becoming production hubs, our film program gives participants the opportunity to experience the production world and the new technologies it brings.

Life Skills


Life Skills

Life skills are important for success in education and beyond. They encompass a range of skills, including social skills, financial literacy, and learning how to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Developing these skills can help students achieve academic success, as well as career and personal success. The ability to manage emotions, set and achieve goals, and think critically are all key components of life skills. Building these life skills can help students learn how to make better decisions, interact with others, learn to give back and manage their finances. With the right skills, students can be equipped to lead successful lives.

Our education is committed to sustainability and preserving our environment, health, and natural resources. We prioritize reducing our carbon footprint by reusing, reducing and recycling, therefore helping to create a Circular Economy. We encourage our students to explore, respect, and appreciate our natural world by providing access to recycling, nature and outdoor activities. We also promote the preservation of our natural resources and teach our students how to reduce their own environmental impact. Finally, we strive to provide our students with the knowledge and resources they need to make sustainable choices for the future. Check out our Recycling Video here. 

Posh and Sasha 


Animal Welfare 

Animal welfare is near and dear to our heart. It is an important part of responsible pet ownership and an important part of respecting all animals in general. It means protecting your pet from harm, being kind and loving to them, and training pet owners on best practices. It also means understanding the responsibility of owning a pet and making sure they receive proper nutrition, exercise, medical care, socialization and above all love. Pets have the same feelings as humans and look to you for protection, love and their basic needs like water (which should always be available to them), food and shelter. Always remember, if you don't want it done to you, don't do it to your pet. We strive to instill the best practices when owning a pet. Posh and Sasha serve as our inspiration.


Recycle-Lynne Solo Tee.png

Recycle-Lynne is the ultimate environmental champion! As a Superhero, she leads an awesome team dedicated to educating kids on the importance of recycling and sustainable practices. Joining Recycle-Lynne are her friends who are just as passionate about protecting the planet. To learn more and enjoy the Recycle-Lynne Experience click here.


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