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To give participants the skills, knowledge, tools and best practices to live sustainably and achieve success by utilizing the 3 Pillars of Sustainability

 Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability and Economic Sustainability


Environmental Sustainability Mission:

To educate children, who will become the managers of the planet, the importance of reducing the carbon footprint, preserving natural resources, creating a circular economy and recycling in a clean loop. To provide them with tools and best practices.

Economic Sustainability Mission:

To help discover each child's unique innate talents, skills and abilities and explore business ownership opportunities that match. To introduce new technologies, entrepreneurship training, financial literacy, leadership skills, problem-solving skills and business mentorships that help develop a professional disposition and professional success.

Social Sustainability Mission:

To instill self-acceptance and emotional well-being. To offer life skills that promote personal success, good decision-making to deter teen crime and bullying, as well as social responsibility that includes giving back. To introduce new Posh environments, healthy life choices and animal welfare to help create well-rounded citizens who contribute positively to society.


These skills are achieved through, educational classes, workshops, mentorships, learning excursions, film production, technology, dance, the performing arts and camps. 



Changing Lives








Cities: Atlanta

Dallas, New Orleans

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