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  • Is Poshabilities a registered nonprofit ? Yes, we are registered with the Secretary of State in Georgia, New Orleans and Texas and the IRS and the Comptrollers Office.

  • How long has Poshabilities been a nonprofit? We became a nonprofit January 2015. ISR Letter

  • Does Poshabilities accept boys and girls and what ages? Yes, we accept boys, girls and adults. Boys and girls ages 8-17 and adults of all ages.

  • Do you have to pay for the Field Trips? No, all field trips are free of charge to participants.

  • How do I get into one of the programs? Complete the form on the Programs page and someone will get in touch with you. Poshabilities accepts under-served boys and girls from any background, race or religion.We do not discriminate.

  • How long do the programs last? They vary depending on the program. 

  • Is the Camp free? Yes, the day camps are free.

  • How long are the sessions? Sessions times vary but are normally 2-5 hours with a snack break.

  • Where does the money for purchases go when I shop on Poshabilities? All purchases are considered donations and are tax deductible. All money goes towards our programs to help kids and communities. Donations are nonrefundable. 

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