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Campaigns, Causes, Projects and Initiatives

Poshabilities is committed to  making a difference. Through our initiatives we strive to make positive changes in communities, people and the Planet.

 Public Schools Sustainability Project

We are excited to have the support of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other dignitaries on this important initiative. The Nationwide Public School Sustainability Initiative educates students, who will become the managers of the planet, of the importance of recycling and to naturally engage in sustainable practices and principles. The objective is to ensure the next generation is aware and knows the steps to help reverse global warming, reduce the carbon footprint and the effects they have on the environment. 


Sustain Campaign

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The sustain. campaign encourages sustainability practices...we only get one Planet.



Recycle-Lynne is a Superhero who fights the foes that threaten to harm the environment. She and her friends educate on recycling in a clean loop and creating a Circular Economy.

Reverse Vending Machine

Recycling Machines

Poshabilities is proud to be able to be a part of this initiative. Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) are an innovative way to recycle plastic, aluminum and glass beverage containers. Once they enter the machine they are sorted and crushed then taken to a recycle center to be made into something new or cleaned and refilled. This helps to create a Circular Economy and helps to save our Natural Resources because the same materials are being used over and over again. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, let's all strive for a Circular Economy!

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                Recycling Projects

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Teen Crime Prevention


This initiative is designed to encourage parents to recommit to directing, protecting and guiding their most prized possession... their children. There should never be a second of the day that a parent doesn't know the whereabouts of their child. This initiative helps deter teen crime as well as protects teens from harm.

Take a look...

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