Carmen Forge

Herb Wilkins


Carmen Forge is an entrepreneur with a passion to increase and expand new and existing business models. With her tenured state government experience, she has provided assistance to new businesses, churches, and organizations increasing their platform by adding a non-profit tax exempt status.

She worked for the state of Texas' Health and Human Services Commissions Office of Inspector General - Audit Division as a Auditor.

Carmen has a paralegal degree from the University of North Texas and is working on her Certified Fraud Examiner's Certification from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in Austin, TX.

Herb Wilkins is what they call a go-getter. His passion for finance has helped him grow a very successful business with offices in Memphis, Atlanta and Dallas. WABTS is quickly gaining nationwide recognition. Mr. Wilkins is a proven executive with 30 plus years of experience in financial management, accounting, internal and external auditing, staff development, budgeting, forecasting, cost accounting, tax preparation, cash management and strategic planning. He is currently President & Chief Executive Officer WABTS Financial & Tax Advisors and has authored a book on finance.

Sekhmet Shabaka

Yvette Hernandez

A master at many things, Sekhmet Shabaka has been instrumental in launching Poshabilities fundraising efforts. She resides in both Atlanta and New York and continues to be a viable force in developing initiatives that drive successful programs. She is a licensed Insurance Broker and Health Coach. She is also a former foster mom who has owned Child Day Care Centers in New York. Sekhmet is a serial entrepreneur and a published author on mental health issues.

This mother, foster mom and television host of "American Hispanics the Journey" is multi-talented with a giving heart. Yvette Hernandez has dedicated her life to helping others. Yvette advises on programs in the Arts that helps kids grow and build self confidence. Yvette has been working with kids for over 20 years; teaching dance and running an after-school program in Rhode Island. She has competed in and won several Pageant titles in Rhode Island  including Ms. Dominican Republic, Ms. Latina Rhode Island and Ms Personality Univision.